Lemon organic essential oil. 0.17foz


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Lemon organic essential oil. 0.17foz

The lemon organic essential oil Kaptara Ori, is elaborated by first cold pressing to better conserve all its attributes. A luxury for your skin.

Used from antique time as bacteridide and antiseptic.  It was extended recomended for the properly tissue healing. In Japan, it´s used as concentration estimulant

Your antiageing ally  thanks to its high in vitamine C. This essential oil neutralize free radicals because of its antioxidant actives. A diary use blur the wound healing spots . Effective treatement of acneic skin. Powerful anti-cellulite effect and magnificent healing action. It reduces the articular pains and fends insects.

You might use it by night, because it is fotosensitizer.


You can find it in our kit 00 antiageing


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