Eucalyptus organic essential oil. 0.17foz


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Eucalyptus organic essential oil. 0.17foz

The Eucalyptus organic essential oil by KAPTARA ORI is obtained by steam distillation to keep all its properties for your skin. 100% organic and natural. It is chemotyped and suitable for all skin types.

Indigenous of Australia used it as traditional cre for body pains, fever, nasal congestion and colds.

Eucalyptus has been used in the traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the Ayurvedic and By the ancient Grecks. It has anti-bacterian, anti-inflammatorie and antivira properties. It is purifying and descongestant. For skin caring the eucalyptus oil is refreshing, estimulant, it brightens the skin tone,and helps to fight against acne.

Effective healing for wounds, cuts, blisters and bruises, as well as calming irritations, eczemas,  insect bites,  herpes and chickenpox.

You can find it in our kit 00.



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