Cypress organic essential oil. 0.17foz


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Cypress organic essential oil. 0.17foz

Cypress organic essential oil by KAPTARA ORI is obtained by steam distillation to keep al its properties and aplicate them directly on your skin. 100% organic and natural an it´s chemotyped.

Hippocrates recommended it to improve the bood flow. In ancient China it was used to treat respiratory problems and the wasteful sweating. It has been typically used because of its anti-rheumatic, antitussive, astringent and vasoconstrictor properties.

It´s calming, inspiring  happy environments.

It acts as a perfect facial firming, and really effective agains the bags under the eyes. You must use it always diluted.

An excellent slimming, an effective treatment against the fluid retention and the varicose veins. Its propertives are because it is rich in terpenes, as alpha-pinene, beta-pinene and alpha-terpinene.

You can also find it in our kit 00.



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