Kit 03 Spot eraser


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kit 03 Spots eraser

Efficent treatment against different skin spots.

It is made up with:

3.38 f oz of Grape seed organic vegetal oil, as the vehicular substance (first cold pressing)

0.17 f oz of lemon organic essential oil. (first cold pressing)

A roll-on bottle

Present: A little bag of powdered organic  flax seeds and clove  for peeling.

The effectiveness of the mixture is because of the grape seeds  antioxidants (likefatty acids, tannins, isoflavones and A & K vitamines) and the powerful C vitamine of the lemon.

To better conserve the properties,  the oils are obtained by first cold press.

the perfect proportion for the mixture is one drop of lemon oil in 0.17 f oz of grape seed oil for  face use and two drops more for the rest of the body. Keep it in the fridge.

Aplicate it every night after the face cleaning. and remove any rest of it, the following morning.

It is recommended to realize a weekly peeling to improve the results.



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