Kit 02 eye contour



Kit 02 eye contour

Effective treatment agains puffy eyes, rins and little wrinkles, The kit 02 eye contour is made up with:

3.38  f oz of Grape seed organic vegetal oil, as the vehicular substance (firs tcold pressing)

0.17 f oz of Cypress organic essential oil. (steam distillation)

A roll-on bottle to aplicate  easier the mixture.

The combinated substances will have the grape antioxidants (fatty acids, tannins, isoflavons and A & K vitamins) and the astringent properties of  cypress.

The perfect proportion is a drop of cypress oil in each 0.17 f oz og grape seed vegetal oil.

Keep it in the fridge in order to preserve its qualities and strenghen its effects.

Apply  the eye contour mixture tapping on the cheeck bone every morning and every night after the face cleaning.


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