kit 00 antiageing


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Kit 00 antiageing

Perfect to introduce you in the  natural cosmetic world. You can easily make the ideal serum to provide all your skin needs. Also you can prepare a two-phase  face cleaner and an oily moisturizer fluid, to erase skin-spots. and aeverything absolutely toxic free. The grape seed organic vegetal oil is an effective antiageing. It is rich in antioxidants,  plenty of  fatty acids, isoflavones (required to absorb vitamin C) tannines  and vitamines E y K. And it will be the basis of your mixtures.

Learn natural remedies to treat different parts of your skin, as  the eye contour, or the hated celulitis. Useful for daily cares and especific ones.


-3.38foz bottle of grape seed organic vegetal oil. (First cold pressing)

Lemon organic essential oil  bottle 0.17foz  (First cold pressing)

Eucalyptus organic essential oil  bottle 0.17foz  (Steam distillation)

Lavender organic essential oil  bottle 0.17foz  (Steam distillation)

Cypress organic essential oil  bottle 0.17foz  (Steam distillation)

-0.68foz mixing bottle

-beauty advices.

The Kaptara Ori experience let you enjoy the hidratant, firming and antioxidant qualities of the grape seed organic vegetal oil with the concentrate  power of the essential oils.

The lemon oil is perfect to fight aginst spot and acne. Eucalyptus improves the skin pores appearance. The cypress essence is a powerful firming lotion and regenerative, finally the lavander oil is fantastic for minimize rinkles, it has a healing effect and it can empower to other oils.

A luxury that invites you to enjoy caring about yourself.



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