Elafonissi aromatic candle. 50 hours


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Elafonissi aromatic candle. 50 hours

The Elafonissi aromatic candle  elaborated with organic soy wax brings you to the Mediterranean sea. with its sweet flower notes.

Bottled in a matte black glass and covered with the elegant emblem of Kaptara Ori coating in old copper.


All our candles are made with organic soy wax. It provides a slow combustion to boost and  lengthen its flavor. Doesn´t leave residue. It´s 100% organic and natural, so It hasn´t toxic compounds and doesn´t increase the CO2 levels. The melt temperature is about 45ºC which highly reduces the scald risk. In addition, the soy wax combustion produce a delicious oil for massaging is produced by the soy wax combustion.

An excellent present with a delicious flavor and refined elegance

You possibly want our GYKA NERA AROMATIC CANDLE too.

Perfume your nights with  Kaptara Ori candles, let your guests travel to the magic lands of  Minotaur.


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